vol 29 - 2003


The following articles were selected from papers presented at the annual Berkshire Conference of Women Historians held at Douglass College, Rutgers University, March 1973. This issue of Feminist Studies, with other papers presented at the Douglass conference and subsequently published elsewhere, will be reprinted this winter by Harper Torchbacks, with an introduction by Mary Hartman and Lois Banner, chairpersons of that conference.

This issue is not available in print.


This issue is not available in print.

Linda Gordon
Voluntary Motherhood: The Beginnings of Feminist
Birth Control Ideas in the United States

Elizabeth Fee
The Sexual Politics of Victorian Social Anthropology

Daniel Scott Smith
Family Limitation, Sexual Control, and Domestic Feminism
in Victorian America

Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
Puberty to Menopause: The Cycle of
Femininity in Nineteenth-Century America

Judith R. Walkowitz and Daniel J. Walkowitz
"We Are Not Beasts of the Field":
Prostitution and the Poor in Plymouth
and Southampton Under the Contagious Diseases Acts

Laura Oren
The Welfare of Women in Laboring Families: England, 1860-1950

Jo Ann McNamara and Suzanne Wemple
The Power of Women Through the Family
in Medieval Europe: 500-1100

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