vol 29 - 2003

Ann Calderwood founded Feminist Studies in 1969 early in the contemporary women's movement. The journal has been largely her physical and intellectual creation. She brought together editors who had been active in diverse ways in the women's movement; this involvement was symbolized by the original choice of the title for the journal, and in a concern that Feminist Studies reflect not a particular ideology but rather focus on women as a social group and on gender as a category of analysis. For years Ann ran the journal as an out-of-pocket, out-of-apartment operation. She not only helped to solicit manuscripts and scrupulously edited them, she also set the type, handled the subscriptions, and addressed the envelopes. Her efforts have contributed immeasurably to the possibility for feminist thought in our generation, providing a forum for analysis and debate, as well as providing an example of bravery in the omnicompetent discharge of editorial duties from the conceptual to the detailed, from the philosophic to the practical. In fall 1977 Ann left the journal to pursue other projects. We shall all miss her as a friend, comrade, and conscientious intellectual who always maintained the highest standards of critical and editorial judgment.


Kristin Booth Glen
Abortion in the Courts:
A Laywoman's Historical Guide
to the New Disaster Area

Judith Lowder Newton
Pride and Prejudice: Power, Fantasy,
and Subversion in Jane Austen

Wini Breines, Margaret Cerullo, Judith Stacey
Social Biology, Family Studies,
and Antifeminist Backlash

Jane Marcus
Art and Anger

Berenice A. Carroll
"To Crush Him in Our Own Country":
The Political Thought of Virginia Woolf

Frances Jaffer

Nancy Chodorow
Mothering, Object-Relations,
and the Female Oedipal Configuration

Alexandra Grilikhes

Annis Pratt
Aunt Jennifer's Tigers:
Notes Toward a Preliterary History
of Women's Archetypes

Mary Elizabeth Perry
"Lost Women" in Early Modern Seville:
The Politics of Prostitution

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Down Down