vol 29 - 2003



Rosalind Petchesky
Workers, Reproductive Hazards,
and the Politics of Protection: An Introduction

Ann Corinne Hill
Protection of Women Workers
and the Courts: A Legal Case History

Vilma R. Hunt
A Brief History of Women Workers
and Hazards in the Workplace

Carolyn Bell
Implementing Safety and Health Regulations
for Women in the Workplace

Michael J. Wright
Reproductive Hazards and "Protective" Discrimination

Wendy Chavkin
Occupational Hazards to Reproduction:
A Review Essay and Annotated Bibliography

Andrea Hricko and Janet Bertinuson
Photo Essay

Margaret A. Simons and Jessica Benjamin
Simone De Beauvoir: An Interview

Norma Basch
Invisible Women: The Legal Fiction
of Marital Unity in Nineteenth-Century America

Patricia Dienstfrey
Blood and the Iliad: The Paintings of Frida Kahlo

Judith Fetterley
Little Women: Alcott's Civil War

Margaret A. Simons
Racism and Feminism: A Schism in the Sisterhood

Judith Clavir
Choosing Either/Or:
A Critique of Metaphysical Feminism

Down Up
Down Down