vol 06 - 1980

This issue marks a beginning for Feminist Studies, the third year of its publication by a collective board, and from behind the "Mask," which is the title of our cover, we want to give you a glimpse of who we are. In 1977, the administrative office of the journal was moved to the campus of the University of Maryland where the women's studies program began to supply space and some administrative support. Feminist Studies itself, however, remained an independent journal, making it a kind of rarity among publications of its kind. At the same time, the work of the journal was divided among an editorial board, and a period of transition, reorganization, and redirection—including an eighteen-month hiatus in publication—followed. Then in March of 1978 Feminist Studies vol. 4, no. 1 appeared and the new life of the journal, as the product of a collective group, officially began.



Annette Kolodny
Dancing Through the Minefield:
Some Observations on the Theory, Practice,
and Politics of a Feminist Literary Criticism

Ellen DuBois, Mari Jo Buhle, Temma Kaplan,
Gerda Lerner, and Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
Politics and Culture
in Women's History: A Symposium

Christine Stansell
One Hand Tied Behind Us by Jill Liddington and Jill Norris;
Feminism and Suffrage by Ellen Carol DuBois

Ruby Rohrlich
State Formation in Sumer and the Subjugation of Women

Elsa Gidlow

Louise Bourgeois

Carole S. Vance
Gender Systems, Ideology, and Sex Research:
An Anthropological Analysis

Jessica Benjamin
The Bonds of Love:
Rational Violence and Erotic Domination

Bethany Ladimer
Madness and the Irrational
in the Work of Andre Breton:
A Feminist Perspective

Sharon Thompson
Aunt Virginia

Faith Ringgold

Jane Lazarre
Loving Men: Two Aspects

Myra Goldberg
Issues and Answers

Judith Van Allen
The Curious Courtship of Women's Liberation
and Socialism by Batya Weinbaum

Down Up
Down Down