vol 08 - 1982

With this issue, Feminist Studies enters the second decade of its publication. Of necessity, we celebrate our tenth anniversary with some wry self-criticisms, for you will note that we are announcing our second decade of publication by issuing our eighth volume. This discrepancy alone should indicate that our short life has not been a routine or an easy one, and yet we have endured and have constructed an identity through a decade of changes. The first issue and the first four volumes of Feminist Studies were the work of Ann Calderwood who, in the ebullience of the early women's movement, created a forum where activists and scholars could come together. Although Ann is no longer affiliated with the journal, her commitment to feminist politics and exacting standards of scholarship remains at the heart of Feminist Studies.

Like many of those remarkable and energetic products of the new women's movement in the late sixties and early seventies, Feminist Studies weathered the difficult transition from feminist awakening, in all its elation, to the more prosaic demands of building a movement, or in this case, printing, editing, and distributing a journal. Thus during 1976 and 1977, when Ann Calderwood initiated a reorganization of the journal, groups of feminist activists and academics met regularly in New York while publication of Feminist Studies was suspended. From these wide ranging discussions about the philosophy, politics, goals, and methods of a feminist periodical, there emerged a newly organized and rededicated journal.



Karen Langlois
Interview with Sonia Johnson

Phyllis Mack
Women as Prophets During the English Civil War

Natalie Zemon Davis
Women in the Crafts in Sixteenth-Century Lyon

Bernice Johnson Reagon
My Black Mothers and Sisters or
On Beginning a Cultural Autobiography

Susan Willand Worteck
Art Essay: Forever Free

Elizabeth V. Spelman
Woman as Body: Ancient and Contemporary Views

Martha Vicinus
Sexuality and Power: A Review of Current Work
in the History of Sexuality

Lourdes Beneria and Gita Sen
Class and Gender Inequalities
and Women's Role in Economic Development

Clarita Roja

Norma Alarcon

Katherine O'Sullivan See
Feminism and Political Philosophy: Review of The Radical Future of Liberal Feminism by Zillah Eisenstein and Women in Western Political Thought by Susan Moller Okin

Down Up
Down Down