vol 11 - 1985

By the time this issue of Feminist Studies reaches you, Rosalind Petchesky, Mary Ryan, and Judith Walkowitz will have retired from the editorial board. We salute their tireless and creative efforts. With their help, Feminist Studies has become a major forum for the development of women's history and feminist theory in this country. We're proud and deeply grateful for what they have helped us to accomplish. We will miss them.

We are also delighted to announce that Barbara Christian, Ellen Ross, Christine Stansell, and Rosalyn Terborg-Penn have joined the board. We welcome them to a life of hard labor! Our expansion reflects the exciting growth and diversity of manuscripts submitted to Feminist Studies, a diversity well illustrated by the current issue.

As this issue goes to press, the Reagan administration is advocating military intervention against the government of Nicaragua. Even while we recognize this very serious danger, a feminist examination of the situation of women in Nicaragua remains important. Women's mobilization in the Sandinista revolution was enormous, and women have clearly benefited from the social changes the revolution brought. Yet the extent to which women are "emancipated" in Nicaragua today remains limited. That paradix is the focus of our lead article, my Maxine Molyneux, which explores the implications of the Nicaraguan experience for the broader problem of the relationship between socialism and feminism.



Maxine Molyneux
Mobilization without Emancipation?
Women's Interests, the State, and Revolution
in Nicaragua

Dana Frank
Housewives, Socialists, and the Politics of
Food: The 1917 New York Cost-of-Living Protests

Elizabeth Kamarck Minnich
Friendship between Women: The Act of
Feminist Biography
(a Review Essay)

Alicia Ostriker

Jane Heath
Helen Corke and D.H. Lawrence: Sexual
Identity and Literary Relations

Mina Davis Caulfield
Sexuality in Human Evolution:
What is "Natural" in Sex?

Adrienne L. Zihhnan
Gathering Stories for Hunting Human
(a Review Essay)

Josephine Withers
Jody Pinto (an Art Essay)

Michelle Fine
Unearthing Contradictions: An Essay Inspired by Women and Male Violence (a Commentary)

Anne Finger

Down Up
Down Down