vol 23 - 1997

Four of the essays in this issue of Feminist Studies document the global geography of feminist disruptions. From the locations of Iran, Galicia, Brazil, and the United States, women engage in political, literary, linguistic, and interpretative acts that somehow break apart, rupture, or interrupt the social conventions of their communities.

Hammed Shahidian's essay on the participation of Iranian women in clandestine, leftist politics in Iran between 1970 and 1985 ruptures the stereotypes of the veiled, submissive Muslim woman. Shahidian carefully traces the emergence of Iranian women's political consciousness and their attempt to strike a delicate balance between the revolution and their own goals as women resisting patriarchal traditions. In most instances, as Shahidian points out, although these activists encountered sexism within their political groups, confronting it was often subjugated to what they considered the "greater cause." As a result, advances toward feminist objectives were nominal. Despite the absence of changes of an explicitly feminist kind, Iranian women activists, scattered in exile around the world, acknowledge that the lessons they learned now inform an everyday praxis committed to forging a more aggressive feminist agenda.


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Order this issue (print)

Hammed Shahidian
Women and Clandestine Politics in Iran, 1970-1985

Sharon R. Roseman
Celebrating Silenced Words: The "Reimagining"of a Feminist Nation in Late-Twentieth-Century Galicia

Janet M. Chernela
The "Ideal Speech Moment": Women and Narrative Performance in the Brazilian Amazon

Jennifer Drake
Third Wave Feminisms (Review Essay)

Kate Light
The Idea of Love between Us (Poetry)

Gayle V. Fischer 
"Pantalets" and "Turkish Trowsers": Designing Freedom in the Mid-Nineteenth-Century United States

Viviana Mellet 
The Winged Woman (Fiction)
Translated by Kathy S. Leonard

Helen R. Klebesadel (Art Essay)

Ann Fisher-Wirth (Poetry)

Susan S. Lanser 
Writing Women into Romanticism (Review Essay)

Down Up
Down Down