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The collaboration, thoughtfulness, intellectual energy, and enthusiasm that our editorial collective puts into each issue almost always ensure that we feel a great deal of pride when it goes to print. All the same, we feel a special sense of pride this time. This issue commemorates the scholarship of our former editorial director Claire Goldberg Moses and her pioneering innovations in feminist publishing. Many of the essays here were specially prepared for our “35 Years of Feminist Scholarship Conference” held in April 2011 to celebrate Claire on her retirement. The conference convened current and former Feminist Studies editorial board members and other colleagues for a day of scholarly exchange, reflection, and celebration. We include tributes paid that day by former editors Deborah S. Rosenfelt and Suzanne Raitt, relating how Claire’s stewardship steered Feminist Studies to become a journal of national and international repute and how a feminist sense of egalitarianism and shared ownership guided her commitment to building an editorial collective.





Martha Vicinus
The History of Lesbian History
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Judith Kegan Gardiner
Female Masculinity and Phallic Women—
Unruly Concepts

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Leisa D. Meyer
“Strange Love”: Searching for Sexual Subjectivities
in Black Print Popular Culture during the 1950s

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Nancy A. Hewitt
Feminist Frequencies: Regenerating the Wave Metaphor
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Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Draft 111: Arte Povera (Poetry)
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Ori Z. Soltes
Finding Home: The Transcultural Worlds
of Siona Benjamin
(Art Essay)
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Minnie Bruce Pratt
Talking to Myself; The Gulls’ Cry; Edge, Hedges; Magnified (Poetry)
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Ruth Milkman and Veronica Terriquez
“We Are the Ones Who Are Out in Front”:
Women’s Leadership in the Immigrant Rights Movement

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Shirley Geok-lin Lim
A Life; C; Stop Already; Third (Poetry)
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Claire Goldberg Moses
“What’s in a Name?” On Writing the History of Feminism
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Alicia Ostriker
What the Butterfly Is Thinking; Breast Dream; Alzheimer’s;
The Broken Seed
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Cover Art

Siona Benjamin, Finding Home No. 76 (Fereshteh): “Tzipporah,” 2005. Section, screened.

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