Open Access: Readings on Black Protest

Teaching about Ferguson

Six scholars reflect on how to connect past and present mourning, refusing to be immobilized by grief, choosing to resist neat explanations, looking beyond the United States, and including Black women, trans and queer victims of racial terror.

Justin Louis Mann, “What’s Your Emergency?: White Women and the Policing of Public Space”

How gender and race play a pivotal role in producing notions of fear and safety when white women make false reports to the police accusing black people of criminal activity.

Erica S. Lawson, “Bereaved Black Mothers and Maternal Activism in the Racial State”

How current maternal activism of Black mothers whose children have been killed by legal and extralegal violence expands our democratic imagination.

Michelle V. Rowley, “‘It Could Have Been Me’ Really? Early Morning Meditations on Trayvon Martin’s Death”

On the complexities of identifying with victims of anti-Black violence and how to imagine a better politics of recognition.

Bettina Judd, excerpt from “Sapphire as Praxis: Toward a Methodology of Anger”

Sandra Bland’s encounter with a policeman, rendered in poetic terms by an author focused on upending the trope of the “angry Black woman.”

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Commentaries on COVID-19

Due Date July 15, 2020

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At a time when conservative politicians are impeding access to safe abortions under the pretext of a COVID-19 response, this Feminist Studies issue focuses on abortion and women’s embodiment. Three essays reflect on histories of movements for abortion access, specifically analyzing their affective strategies and proposing new directions (Melissa Oliver-Powell, Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst, and Jennifer L. Holland). Two collaborative essays dissect the labor process of feminist academic production, centering the role of the body (María Fernanda Olarte-Sierra and Tania Pérez-Bustos, and Laura Bisaillon et al). Nathan Snaza reviews four recent books that move beyond humanistic understandings of affect and the body. Poems by Rosetta Marantz Cohen, Darlene Taylor, and Abby Minor feature experiences of bodily violence and bodily pleasure, while Ellyn Weiss discusses the distinctive representations of bodies in the visual art of Swedish-American artist Anna U. Davis. To close the issue, two News and Views pieces by Pang Laikwan and Sealing Cheng on the protest movement in Hong Kong provide complementary perspectives on living through political tumult. Our next issue will include content directly focused on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Claire G. Moses Award
for the Most Theoretically Innovative Article Published in the Journal in 2018

Feminist Studiesis pleased to announce that Carol Giardina won this year’s prize for the 2018 “Claire G. Moses Annual Award for the Most Theoretically Innovative Article.” Giardina was selected for her article “MOW to NOW: Black Feminism Resets the Chronology of the Founding of Modern Feminism,” which was published in Volume 44, Number 3 (2018).

In her article, Giardina assigns black feminism a more central place in the chronology of US feminism by arguing that black women’s organizing against sexism in planning the 1963 March on Washington (MOW) was pivotal to later feminist efforts such as the National Organization for Women (NOW). Giardina traces how experienced civil rights activists such as Dorothy Height, Pauli Murray, and Anna Arnold Hedgeman demanded greater attention to women’s lives in formulating the objectives of the MOW, especially in the areas of wages and employment. Giardina traces how they established feminist protest models that they subsequently used in the formation of the National Organization for Women in 1966.

* * *

The award, given to the most theoretically innovative article published in Feminist Studies each year, was created to honor Claire Goldberg Moses on her retirement as editorial director of Feminist Studies, a position she held from 1977 to 2011.

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