Our latest issue (40.3) explores the changing national and transnational contours of feminism and feminist activism.

Raewyn Connell revisits the importance of taking seriously the problem of Eurocentrism, which limits access to feminist theoretical contributions from the global South. She points to the possibilities of circulating translated texts, and we provide links to translations of three key works mentioned her article. Tomomi Yamaguchi addresses a translational dilemma: how the phrase “gender free” — ostensibly imported into Japan from the global North — is marshaled to resist feminist political gains. Kathryn Moeller also traces the trajectory of a category, “adolescent girl,” as used by the Nike Foundation's social marketing campaigns in urban Brazil. Srila Roy frames the current moment of the Indian women’s movement via debates about neoliberalism and the role of NGO-based activism. Astrid Henry explores parallels and contrasts between US Third Wave feminist thinking and Fittstim-feminists in Scandinavia. [more...]Heather Berg traces expands the possibilities of thinking about the labor involved in commercial sex in the US. These essays all sketch feminism’s changing position within the nation-state, even as they index the play of transnational feminist ideas through liberal and neoliberal discourses. Flaudette May Datuin’s art essay dwells on how feminist interventions also occur in the context of nationalist struggle, and she highlights questions of violence and its representation. Themes of violence, gender, and representation are also reflected in this issue’s featured poetry by Claudia M. Reder, Helena Boberg, and Kim Hyesoon. [less]

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We are pleased to announce that Marlon Bailey's essay on ballroom culture, “Gender/Racial Realness: Theorizing the Gender System in Ballroom Culture,” in Feminist Studies Volume 37, Number 2, won the 2013 Modern Language Association's Compton-Noll Prize for Best LGBTQ Studies Article.

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