1. Kyle Bladow
    “Never Shut Up My Native”: Indigenous Feminist Protest Art in Sápmi
  2. Carolyn J. Eichner
    Language of Imperialism, Language of Liberation: Louise Michel and the Kanak-French Colonial Encounter
  3. Michelle M. Jacob, Virginia R. Beavert, Regan Anderson,
    Leilani Sabzalian, Joana Jansen

    The Importance of Ichishkíin in Advancing Indigenous Feminist Education
  4. Val Marie Johnson
    “I’m sorry now we were so very severe”: 1930s Colonizing Care Relations Between White Anglican Women Staff and Inuvialuit, Inuinnait, and Iñupiat People in an “Eskimo Residential School”
  5. Kenna Neitch
    Indigenous Persistence: Challenging the Rhetoric of Anti-colonial Resistance
  6. Sonny Nordmarken
    Queering Gendering: Trans Epistemologies and the Disruption and Production of Gender Practices
  7. Melissa Oliver-Powell
    Beyond the Spectacle of Suffering: Agnes Varda’s L’Une chante, l’autre pas and Rewriting the Subject of Abortion in France
  8. Leila J. Rupp
    Queer Dilemmas of Desire
  9. Stephanie Yingyi Wang
    Experimenting Queer Kinship, A Study of Cooperative Marriage in Mainland China

Creative Work

Vivyan Adair, Katherine Agyemaa Agard, Elisabeth Blair, Rosetta Marantz Cohen,
Mary Anna Evans, Abigail G. H. Manzella, Hannah Baker Saltmarsh, Dana Sonnenschein, Darlene Taylor

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