1. Tara Daly
    Christian BendayŠn: Queering the Archive from Iquitos, Peru
  2. Rafael De La Dehesa
    NGOs, Governmentality, and the Brazilian Response to AIDS: A Multi-Stranded Genealogy of the Current Crisis
  3. Magdalena Grabowska
    Bits of Freedom: Demystifying Women’s Activism under State-Socialism in Poland and Georgia
  4. Jessica Johnson
    Under Conviction: “Real Men” Reborn on Spiritual and Cinematic Battlefields
  5. Jean Kane
    Parastou Forouhar’s Domestic Sublime
  6. Alexandra Ketchum
    “The Place We’ve Always Wanted to Go But Never Could Find”: Finding Woman Space in Ontario’s Feminist Restaurants and Cafes, 1974–1982
  7. Jennifer Nash
    Feminist Credentials: Notes on the Politics of Women’s Studies Graduate Certificates
  8. Jennifer Mclerran
    Difficult Stories: A Native Feminist Ethics in the Work of Mohawk Artist Carla Hemlock
  9. Jo Reger
    Finding a Place in History: The Discursive Legacy of the Wave Metaphor and Contemporary Feminism
  10. Lara Vapnek
    The “Rebel Girl” Revisited: Re-Reading Elizabeth Gurley Flynn’s Life Story
  11. Angela Willey And Banu Subramaniam
    Inside the Social World of Asocials: Nerd Masculinity, Science, and the Politics of Reverent Disdain

Creative Work
Corey Hickner-Johnson, Rachel Williams, Emily Zhang, Olga Zilberbourg


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