Feminist Studies Graduate Student Award

Awarded annually, the Feminist Studies Graduate Student Award honors the best article submitted by a graduate student. With this prize, we aim both to encourage and to learn from a new generation of feminist scholars. The winners will receive a prize of $500.00 and a commitment to publish their article. (If more than one person wins, the prize money will be divided between recipients).  

Those submitting manuscripts for the prize should indicate that they are a graduate student in their cover letter. Beyond this, there is no special procedure involved in being considered for this award. As with all work that comes into the Feminist Studies office, graduate students' work will go through our extensive review process. (See Research and Criticism for details about the review). Once a graduate student's article is accepted, it will automatically be considered for this prize. At the first board meeting of each year, the editorial collective will select the previous year’s winner. (The winner will be recognized in the issue following the editors’ decision.) This means that articles accepted in a particular year will be considered at the first meeting in the following year. Therefore, if you submit a manuscript in 2021 that isn’t accepted until 2022, you will be eligible for the 2022 award.

In order to be considered for the prize, authors must be graduate students when they submit their work. If a student graduates before an article is accepted she or he will still be considered eligible.