vol 29 - 2003
no. 2 no. 3

The articles in this special issue on Sex and Surveillance explore the myriad ways in which states, corporations, and other institutions have sought to define, constrain, and exploit sexual expression and gender deviance. In the cases discussed here–for example the Boeing Corpora­tion’s policy on gendered attire, the regulation of male homosexuality in cold war Germany, the medicalization of asexuality, or the ideological policing of “safe spaces” at an unnamed Midwest college campus and at feminist gatherings in the United Kingdom–sexuality raises multiple anxieties and becomes an instrument for the advancement of other agendas. Whether that other agenda is corporate profits, as in the case of the Boeing Corporation, a “healthy” nation, as in the case of postwar Germany, or white privilege, as in the case of the Midwest campus, the location of sexuality at the intersection of private experience and public life has made it both vulnerable and extraordinarily resilient in the face of social, legal, and economic attempts at control. {READ MORE as PDF }



Polly Reed Myers
Jane Doe v. Boeiing Company: Transsexuality and
Compulsory Gendering in Corporate Capitalism

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Robert G. Moeller
The Regulation of Male Homosexuality in Postwar
East and West Germany: An Introduction
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Robert G. Moeller
Private Acts, Public Anxieties, and the Fight to
Decriminalize Male Homosexuality in West Germany

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Jennifer V. Evans
Decriminalization, Seduction, and
“Unnatural Desire” in East Germany

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Evelyn Torton Beck and Deborah S. Rosenfelt
“This Clay Is My Daily Bread”:
Women in the Work of Margit Kovács
(Art Essay)
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Suzanne Raitt and Claire Buck
Friendship and Lesbian Studies (Review Essay)
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Catherine O. Fox in collaboration with Tracy E. Ore
(Un)Covering Normalized Gender and Race
Subjectivities in LGBT “Safe Spaces”

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Karli June Cerankowski and Megan Milks
New Orientations: Asexuality and
Its Implications for Theory and Practice

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Leigh Gilmore and Elizabeth Marshall
Girls in Crisis: Rescue and Transnational
Feminist Autobiographical Resistance

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Deborah M. Withers
Transgender and Feminist Alliances in
Contemporary U.K. Feminist Politics
(News and Views)

Creative Writing:
Marilyn Chin
Fox Girl (Fiction)
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Aimee Parkison
Harassment (Fiction)
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Shelley Puhak
Sex Ed on the Porchsteps (Poetry)
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Cover Art:
Front Cover: Margit Kovács, Fishermen's Wives , 1968.
Back Cover: Margit Kovács, Mean Old Woman Knitting Socks, 1961-1962.

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