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Issue 37-3

This issue of Feminist Studies both expands feminist history and interrogates that history as it has been institutionalized in women’s studies programs. One set of essays revisits key moments in feminist art and the academy in the 1960s and 1970s, covering efforts to champion women’s cultural production and autonomy. Other essays contribute to an ongoing refinement of transformative practices within the academy: they reflect on faculty hiring processes, syllabus construction, teaching practices, and the uses of technology. This issue also inaugurates a new multiperspectival format for News and Views, featuring three different commentators engaging with the question of women and the Arab Spring. Finally, we offer a cluster of poetry and fiction on the theme of disability.

The issue opens with a controversial challenge. Amy L. Brandzel, in her article “Haunted by Citizenship: Whitenormative Citizen-Subjects and the Uses of History in Women’s Studies,” argues that “the intellectual history of feminism” as revealed in current academic women’s studies curricula, syllabi, and course readers is “an inherently flawed project” that continually re-institutionalizes whitenormativity and the unitary subject of feminism. Through an analysis of women’s studies’ program requirements, syllabi, and commonly assigned texts, she investigates the mutually constitutive relations between women’s history and women’s studies, concluding that “despite the attempts to centralize intersectionality and transnationality, women’s studies is haunted by the historical telos of rights claims and citizenship aspirations of white women.”





Amy L. Brandzel
Haunted by Citizenship: Whitenormative Citizen-Subjects
and the Uses of History in Women’s Studies
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Becky Thompson
We Are All on Native Land:
Transforming Faculty Searches with Indigenous Methods

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Breanne Fahs
Ti-Grace Atkinson and the Legacy of Radical Feminism
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Jane Gerhard
Judy Chicago and the Practice of 1970s Feminism
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Maura Reilly
The Paintings of Carolee Schneemann
(Art Essay)
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Roberta Salper
San Diego State 1970: The Initial Year
of the Nation’s First Women’s Studies Program
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Lila Abu-Lughod and Rabab El-Mahdi
News and Views 1: Beyond the “Woman Question”
in the Egyptian Revolution

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Sahar Khamis
News and Views 2: The Arab “Feminist” Spring?
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Bridget Harris Tsemo
Decentering Power in Pedagogy:
From “Feminism” to “Feminisms”

(Review Essay)
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Stephanie Ricker Schulte
Surfing Feminism’s Online Wave:
The Internet and the Future of Feminism

(Review Essay)
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Creative Writing

Ann Cefola
Demoiselles 7 (Poetry)
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Monika Lee
body double (Poetry)
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Creative Writing on Disability

Lana Hechtman Ayers
View from Three Feet; Sowing Circles
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Emily Carr
Addiction; Angel; Child; Door; Evolution;
Identity; Home; Present
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Heather Fowler
Sight (Short story)
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Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz
PD and the B-side
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Cover Art:

Carolee Schneemann

Front cover: Sir Henry Francis Taylor, 1961.

Back cover: Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions, 1963.

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