Issue 48-1
Issue 48-1

Celebrating Forty Years of
This Bridge Called My Back and But Some of Us Are Brave

This year, 2022, marks the fiftieth anniversary of Feminist Studies. In the spirit of retrospection and celebration, our first issue of the year commemorates the fortieth birthdays of two anthologies that heralded major innovations in feminist theory: This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color (Persephone Press, 1981; Kitchen Table Press, 1983) and All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men, But Some of Us Are Brave: Black Women’s Studies (The Feminist Press, 1982). The writing in this issue reflects the deeply personal impact that these books have had on scholars’ intellectual, political, and emotional development since the time of their publication. Several of these essays articulate and historicize concepts from these anthologies that have since become influential in gender studies, later termed “intersectionality,” “women of color,” and “queer theory.” Other essays contribute new approaches to feminist theory developed in the last forty years. In addition to scholarly articles, this special issue includes two art features as well as a cluster of creative prose and poetry reflecting on This Bridge Called My Back and But Some of Us Are Brave curated by our creative writing editor, Alexis Pauline Gumbs. As a whole, this issue of Feminist Studies explores and expands the categories developed in those original two anthologies.





Samantha Pinto and Jennifer C. Nash
Then and Now: Women of Color Originalism and the Anthological Impulse in Women’s and Gender Studies
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Paulina Jones-Torregrosa
“I Am Always Met at the River”: Revisiting This Bridge Called My Back
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SaraEllen Strongman
The Archaeological Impulse, Black Feminism, and But Some of Us Are Brave
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Tala Khanmalek and heidi andrea restrepo rhodes
Bridging/Broken in the Break (Textual performance)
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Tamara Lea Spira
“I Give You a World Incomplete”: Pat Parker’s Revolution and the Unfinished Legacy of 1970s Feminist Radicalisms
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Kelsey Leonard, Chrystos, Max Wolf Valerio, and Jo Carrillo
Indigenous Feminism and This Bridge Called My Back: Storytelling with Chrystos, Max Wolf Valerio, and Jo Carrillo
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Emily Cushman
María Berrío: Constructing a Community of Courageous Women through Collage (Art essay)
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Sidra Lawrence
Reconjuring the Wound: Auditory Ghosts and Crossing the Bridge (Autoethnographic essay)
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Emek Ergun, Nida Sajid, Keisha-Khan Perry, Sirisha Naidu, AnaLouise Keating, Sangeeta Kamat, and Richa Nagar
Epistemic Agitations and Pedagogies for Justice:
A Conversation around Hungry Translations: Relearning the World through Radical Vulnerability (Forum)
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Nicole Charles
Pedagogies of Relationality through This Bridge Called My Back
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Kristie Soares, with Anissa Lujan, Luz Macias, and Mar Galvez Seminario
Reflections on Antiracist Feminist Pedagogy and Organizing:
This Bridge Called My Back, Forty Years Later
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Megan Moodie
“The Eye, The Finger, and the Foot”:
Methodological Sententiae for Embodied Research Creation (Review essay)
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Creative Writing
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Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Introduction to Creative Writing Contributions

Akasha Gloria Hull
Writing and Rebirth: A Set of Journal Poems (Poetry)

Cheryl Clarke
Living as a Lesbian in the Archive of Style (Poetry)

doris diosa davenport
On Being an HBCU Graduate, Teacher, Professor-Scholar at Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL, in May 2015 (Poetry)

Cheryl Boyce-Taylor
June Plums (Poetry)

Asha French
Why Papa Hit My Mother and Nobody Else (Short story)

Sharon Bridgforth
Mapping the Portals (Performance/novel)

Omi Osun Joni L. Jones
Thank You Kindly (Short story)

Alexis De Veaux
The Wake: A Parable (Parable)

Sokari Ekine
A Tribute to M Archive: After the End of the World: The Archive Images (Photo collages)

Reanae McNeal
Bridges: Harriet Tubman and Women of Color Tales of Resistance (Creative multi-genre piece)

Anna M. Moncada Storti
“So, I turn inside”: Overcome by the Unbearable, Seeing Myself in Michiyo Fukaya (Creative nonfiction)

Nathalie Lozano-Neira
Unsettling My Journey as a Prieta (Short story)

Shoniqua Roach
Two Erotic Lessons I Learned from My Mother (and Other Women Who Nourished Me) (Creative writing)

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