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Issue 45.1

Within the current context in the United States, we tend to think of “choice” as the leading slogan of the liberal movement to expand women’s reproductive rights, particularly the right to elective abortion. But choice depends on context: on what is available, what is mandated, what is prohibited or discouraged, and what has not yet been imagined. This issue of Feminist Studies expands our thinking about available and potential choices, both individual and social.





Stephanie Yingyi Wang
When Tongzhi Marry: Experiments of Cooperative Marriage between Lalas and Gay Men in Urban China
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Sonny Nordmarken
Queering Gendering: Trans Epistemologies and the Disruption and Production of Gender Accomplishment Practices
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Leila J. Rupp
Queer Dilemmas of Desire
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Carla Pascoe Leahy
From the Little Wife to the Supermom? Maternographies of Feminism and Mothering in Australia since 1945
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Miriam Kienle
Dear Data: Feminist Information Design’s Resistance to Self-Quantification (Art Essay)
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Forum on
Making Kin Not Population: Reconceiving Generations
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Bettina Judd
Sapphire as Praxis: Toward a Methodology of Anger
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Trysh Travis
Toward a Feminist History of the Drug-Using Woman— and Her Recovery (Review Essay)
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Sonja Thomas
The Women’s Wall in Kerala, India, and Brahmanical Patriarchy (News and Views)
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Creative Writing
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   Vivyan Adair
   Stigmata: A Memoir of Pain and Resistance (Creative Nonfiction)

   Mary Anna Evans
   Personal Continuum (Short Story)

   Hannah Baker Saltmarsh
   This Girl I Lost Touch With; Monostich in Praise of Four Missed Foul Shots in a Row, Ending with a Line by Shaquille O’Neal; Lost Love Lounge (Poetry)

   Elisabeth Blair
   How it feels is a series of questions; Listen.; The English boy; Age 16 (Poetry)

   Abigail G. H. Manzella
   Built for Two (Poetry)

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