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Issue 45 no. 2-3

The essays in this special issue on Indigenous Feminisms in Settler Contexts engage feminist politics from multiple Indigenous geographies, histories, and standpoints. What emerges is a panoramic view of Indigenous feminist scholarship’s conceptual, linguistic, and artistic activism at this moment in time. We learn of praxis aimed at reclaiming Indigenous languages and ecological perspectives and the varied modes of resistance, survivance, and persistence. We also unpack the complex racial/gender politics of colonial encounters in contexts where white women cared intimately for Indigenous children, or where they helped to recover Indigenous oral traditions, and we note how modes of help can also reproduce imperial power relations. Some essays, art works, and poems extend the geographic ambit of critiques of settler colonialism beyond American contexts: they deploy feminist rubrics to critique the continuing violent settlement of Palestine and Kashmir to demonstrate that the occupation of “marginal” places is constitutive of state-society relations; others describe how Australian Aboriginal and Sámi artists engage the question of Indigenous visibility. In different ways, they each show how staying in place, against all odds, can be radical.





Michelle M. Jacob, Virginia R. Beavert, Regan Anderson, Leilani Sabzalian, and Joana Jansen
Átaw Iwá Ichishkíin Sinwit: The Importance of Ichishkíin Language in Advancing Indigenous Feminist Education
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Kyle Bladow
“Never Shut Up My Native”: Indigenous Feminist Protest Art in Sápmi
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Val Marie Johnson
“I’m sorry now we were so very severe”: 1930s Colonizing Care Relations between White Anglican Women Staff and Inuvialuit, Inuinnait, and Iñupiat People in an “Eskimo Residential School”
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Carolyn J. Eichner
Language of Imperialism, Language of Liberation: Louise Michel and the Kanak-French Colonial Encounter
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Kenna Neitch
Indigenous Persistence: Challenging the Rhetoric of Anti-colonial Resistance
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Jennifer McLerran
Theorizing Settler Colonialism: Alternative Indigenous Methodologies (Review Essay)
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Marina Tyquiengco
Black Velvet: Aboriginal Womanhood in the Art of Fiona Foley (Art Essay)
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Sarah Ihmoud
Murabata: The Politics of Staying in Place
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Rabab Abdulhadi
Israeli Settler Colonialism in Context: Celebrating (Palestinian) Death and Normalizing Gender and Sexual Violence
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Nosheen Ali, Mona Bhan, Sahana Ghosh, Hafsa Kanjwal, Zunaira Komal, Deepti Misri, Shruti Mukherjee, Nishant Upadhyay, Saiba Varma, and Ather Zia
Geographies of Occupation in South Asia
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Creative Writing
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Kai Minosh Pyle
apekon ahkihih (Creative Writing)

Kei Kaimana
as the earth cradles water, we find our percentage; On Forgetting/part 2 (Poetry)

Shantell Powell
Skinfolk (Creative Writing)

Katherine Agyemaa Agard
a reading lesson or, painting (in five flashes) (Creative Writing)

Down Up
Down Down